May 15, 2008

Blue Topaz Double Twist, Grasslands Necklace and more!

Finally, I have a chance to post some of the matching necklaces of the pieces I shared in my last post. I have been feeling very discombobulated lately with a weird cold and cough and just lots of "schtuff" going on that has been taking a lot of time.

Blue Topaz Double Twist Necklace

Grasslands Necklace

Green Amethyst Twist Necklace

Woodlands Necklace II

All of these new pieces will be up on my website soon. I will try to add them this afternoon after my next task. *grin* Off to finish lunch and put together a new table for the hallway. *grin* Fun, fun!!! Wonder how long it'll take me?!?! LOL

May 05, 2008

Grasslands and Pink Amethyst Earrings

Wow, the last week has been crazy! Not only with a sick daughter, tons of work, lots of neglected housework and laundry (LOL, stiiiillll being neglected, I can tell you that! LOL), but also an internet connection that was spotty at best! ARG!!! The tech finally left about an hour ago and everything is fixed. Woohoo!!!! I've been pretty cranky without internet access! LOL

Anyhoo...I did have a chance to make about a dozen pieces this weekend and here's a tiny teaser to whet your appetite! hee, hee.

Grasslands Earrings

Pink Amethyst Earrings

None of the pieces are even up on my website yet! LOL But, they'll get there within the next day or so. I still need to finish taking artsy-fartsy pictures of the necklaces, but the four pair of earrings are done. Wait you only posted two pairs! Well, *cheesy grin* you're just going to have to check again in a day or two, eh? *grin* All of the pieces feature one or more of some of my components that I sell on my Etsy Gems Store. And, they are all oxidized. I know, I know...I almost NEVER oxidize my pieces. LOL...welll....I LOS'ed all my newest. *grin* It was fun, but messy...and I have a feeling I will be doing a lot more LOSing soon. I specifically wanted to be able to emphasize the details on my new components, and while I love shiny silver the best, some details can only be seen with the LOS.

Let me know what you think! *grin* And more will be posted within the next day or so.