August 23, 2008

Melody of My Heart Hand Stamped Necklace

"The melody of my heart sings forever of your love." ~ Jennifer Casady

*happy sigh* I love this piece as it has a LOT of meaning for me. I have two men in my life, *grin* my awesome husband, and my precious Jesus. This necklace is a lovely reminder of the love that I carry in my heart for both of them. This one is mine, *grin* when you purchase yours, I will hand stamp one just for you.

August 20, 2008

Two blog mentions in one day! WOOHOO!

I am so excited! I've just received word that two of my pieces have been mentioned in two separate blogs today! How cool is that?!?!

The first mention includes my Shine Like Stars Necklace and was mentioned in One Charming Blog here.

The second mention that I was just told about includes my Dark Twist of Fate Bangles - Set of 3 and they were mentioned in the Daily Outfitting blog here.

Very cool!!! THANK YOU so much to the bloggers who have made my day today! *grin*

August 19, 2008

Last Days of Summer Necklace

The description that I just wrote on my website for this necklace says it all. I was literally sitting down to make a Hessonite version of my teardrops bracelet when my eyes spied some gemstones sitting together and my hands just reached for them with a mind of their own to put them together into a gorgeous necklace that reminds me of the last days of summer. *grin* Prehnite, Swiss Blue Topaz, and Apatite are wire wrapped together with 14K Gold Fill, and are all gently suspended from a 16 inch 14K Gold Fill chain.

Hmmm.....I wonder if I have enough time this afternoon to work on that Hessonite Teardrops bracelet!! LOL

August 18, 2008

Wild Rose Nugget Pieces

This mini collection of pieces which include my popular Woodlands and Grasslands pieces has a new color addition, Wild Rose. There is only one of each necklace and one pair of earrings. I also have a purple set which I will post as soon as I get the pictures taken.

A delicate, yet deep shade of pink with darker pinks and a little bit of peach swirled in. All are available on my website and also in my Etsy shop.

August 13, 2008

New Bangles, Twisted Rings & Stamped Jewelry

I've been having so much fun the last few days working on more new pieces. I'm trying to get things posted at my Etsy shop and on my website as soon as I can, but I know I'm behind on the updating. LOL They'll get listed soon! *grin*

Twisted bangles:

Twisted stacking rings:

Several new styles of stamped jewelry:
I am so excited about the stamped jewelry!!! I had an uppercase, lowercase and numbers set made from this font, and I have been having a blast creating new pieces. Tomorrow I have a big silver order arriving with quite a few different shapes and sizes and I already have a list of pieces I want to create! *grin* Woohoo!!! Feel free to email me with custom requests. *Jen dashes off to go play with more jewelry....*

August 07, 2008

Birch and Evergreen Stacking Rings

I have been wanting to make stack rings for a looong time now and am finally getting around to creating them. I am so excited to unveil the first two sets in my new Ring Collection, Birch and Evergreen Stacking Rings. These rings are created from 14 gauge Argentium Sterling Silver which is a low tarnishing silver. Yes, it will tarnish, but, at a muuuch slower rate than Sterling Silver and the tarnish is sooo easy to remove!! With soap and water!!! Isn't that cool? No more harsh chemicals to remove tarnish. Such a relief! stacking rings. *grin* The Birch rings are named as such because the texture reminds me of the graceful beauty of Birch trees. Evergreen rings remind me of the smooth lengths of pine needles, and together these rings contrast and compliment each other perfectly! Without further ado, LOL, here they are:

These rings are available in stacks of 3 and 5, and I'm working on creating the oxidized versions as I type this and they should be available soon. *grin* I have more stack ring ideas in my sketch pad and I should be able to create them this weekend, Lord willing! *grin* So, what do you think? Let me know!!!

August 06, 2008

The Midnight Collection

My favorite time of the year is slowly drawing nearer, and what better time than to unveil my new collection, the Midnight Collection?! Here is a smalllllll, tiny taste of what the collection will be about:

Dark and Light Layers Earrings

Dark and Light Layers Necklace

I'm frantically working on the rest of the collection, as I have so many ideas and not nearly enough time in the day to work to create them! LOLOL But, ooooh, what fun I'm having! *grin* I can't wait to share the next part of this collection! I hope you enjoyed the tiny little glimpse of what's in store for you!

Had to say goodbye!!

Several months ago I started an exciting new chapter in my jewelry business. I began selling some of my handmade jewelry components in addition to my Tutorials and Kits on Etsy in my Gems shop. Within days of starting to sell my components back in March, the business quickly gathered steam. Within a month I was absolutely boggled by how huge the business grew. Unfortunately, it pretty much steamrolled me. LOL Everything else in my life was cast by the wayside as I concentrated on filling components orders. I loved it! Truly I did! My favorite part was talking to my components customers and watching their new jewelry with my components in them SELL!!!! While the business was such an overwhelming success, it gave me absolutely NO time for anything else. My husband and girls were awesome and greatly supportive, but, in my own mind...something had to change. Especially with the start of homeschooling my eldest daughter coming closer and closer. I had to make the decision to stop selling my components. But I did not want to leave my loyal and huge customer base without their new favorite components!! So I asked the girls at Prolifique (great friends of mine! *grin*) if they would be able to add my components to their already successful components line. They are thrilled to take on my loyal customers and will continue to make the same components that I offered in my Gems shop. Don't worry, I'm not going to stop making my Tutorials and Kits available. *grin* As a matter of fact, I plan on expanding my Tutorials and Kits with several other weaves soon.

So while I'm very sad to see that part of my business go, I'm thrilled with the extra time it will give me to concentrate not only on my main priorities of my awesome hubby and cutie patootie girls, but, it will allow me the time I need to actually create the tons of new designs flying around in my head. *grin*

And cleaning the house?? Well, those of you who know me well know that that is low on my list. *cheesy grin* Buuuut, I suppose I need to get to that sooner or later. *grin* A huge THANK YOU to all of the awesome customers who have blessed me mightily these past few months!! The girls at Prolifique will take great care of you!!! Feel free to convo them with all of your special requests and questions. They will have a blast working with ya'll!!!


I have been planning on making these hoops for months, and have finally been able to take the time to actually teach myself how to solder posts onto the hoop shape. (Thank you Jeanne & Rhonda for all the tips! *grin*) I have several more hoop shapes to make, I just need to find the time to make them! LOL

Shiny Textured Hoop Earrings

Oxidized Textured Hoop Earrings