August 06, 2008

Had to say goodbye!!

Several months ago I started an exciting new chapter in my jewelry business. I began selling some of my handmade jewelry components in addition to my Tutorials and Kits on Etsy in my Gems shop. Within days of starting to sell my components back in March, the business quickly gathered steam. Within a month I was absolutely boggled by how huge the business grew. Unfortunately, it pretty much steamrolled me. LOL Everything else in my life was cast by the wayside as I concentrated on filling components orders. I loved it! Truly I did! My favorite part was talking to my components customers and watching their new jewelry with my components in them SELL!!!! While the business was such an overwhelming success, it gave me absolutely NO time for anything else. My husband and girls were awesome and greatly supportive, but, in my own mind...something had to change. Especially with the start of homeschooling my eldest daughter coming closer and closer. I had to make the decision to stop selling my components. But I did not want to leave my loyal and huge customer base without their new favorite components!! So I asked the girls at Prolifique (great friends of mine! *grin*) if they would be able to add my components to their already successful components line. They are thrilled to take on my loyal customers and will continue to make the same components that I offered in my Gems shop. Don't worry, I'm not going to stop making my Tutorials and Kits available. *grin* As a matter of fact, I plan on expanding my Tutorials and Kits with several other weaves soon.

So while I'm very sad to see that part of my business go, I'm thrilled with the extra time it will give me to concentrate not only on my main priorities of my awesome hubby and cutie patootie girls, but, it will allow me the time I need to actually create the tons of new designs flying around in my head. *grin*

And cleaning the house?? Well, those of you who know me well know that that is low on my list. *cheesy grin* Buuuut, I suppose I need to get to that sooner or later. *grin* A huge THANK YOU to all of the awesome customers who have blessed me mightily these past few months!! The girls at Prolifique will take great care of you!!! Feel free to convo them with all of your special requests and questions. They will have a blast working with ya'll!!!

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prairiesunshine said...

Your components are gorgeous, as always! I have heard many people who began to sell components/supplies suddenly found themselves in the same position as you. Sometimes the extra $$ is just not worth what we have to give up. Not only do we lose precious time with family and loved ones, but often we find we no longer have time for the other love in our lives, jewelry making. If it wasn't for that love, we wouldn't be where we are today, doing what we love, right? I think you made the right choice and I KNOW Prolifique will be great.

Can't wait to see the beauties you turn out ;O)