August 07, 2008

Birch and Evergreen Stacking Rings

I have been wanting to make stack rings for a looong time now and am finally getting around to creating them. I am so excited to unveil the first two sets in my new Ring Collection, Birch and Evergreen Stacking Rings. These rings are created from 14 gauge Argentium Sterling Silver which is a low tarnishing silver. Yes, it will tarnish, but, at a muuuch slower rate than Sterling Silver and the tarnish is sooo easy to remove!! With soap and water!!! Isn't that cool? No more harsh chemicals to remove tarnish. Such a relief! stacking rings. *grin* The Birch rings are named as such because the texture reminds me of the graceful beauty of Birch trees. Evergreen rings remind me of the smooth lengths of pine needles, and together these rings contrast and compliment each other perfectly! Without further ado, LOL, here they are:

These rings are available in stacks of 3 and 5, and I'm working on creating the oxidized versions as I type this and they should be available soon. *grin* I have more stack ring ideas in my sketch pad and I should be able to create them this weekend, Lord willing! *grin* So, what do you think? Let me know!!!

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