July 09, 2010

She's ruined me.....

Yep, I've found an AMAZING coffee shop on Etsy and she has utterly ruined me for any other coffee. Ok, let me preface the rest of my post with, I'm not a coffee snob and have no clue of high notes (uh, except that I'm a soprano, so I sing those! LOLOL) nor of low notes (ha, after all these years I can finally hit some of those too), of nutty tones (hmm...I'm definitely in the nutty category) or whatever. All I know is that I enjoy coffee every morning. (Ha, I know, utterly sophisticated, eh? *grin*)

Digression: Yes, I know, I know, if you follow my facebook page, you would know that I was *supposed* to be switching over to just Green Tea in the morning to attempt to cut out some excess calories but I found Kath's shop right as I was switching over and as soon as I tasted the coffee I found that I could NOT cut out coffee. *grin*

Would you just get to the point Jennifer?! LOL So, my new favorite shop to buy coffee is: Great Smoky Mountains Coffee & Tea Company. Katheryn is the woman behind the company and she is a second generation roaster. Her shop on Etsy is: KatherynMD Please go show her some Etsy lovin'!!!

So, anyhoo. When I received my first order from her, I was stunned at how professional her packaging is. And delighted at how good the box smelled even before I opened it. *cheesy grin* I truly felt like I was opening a gift and pampering myself. As a business owner who has her own packaging/branding/etc. I was very impressed at how nice her catalog is. I don't even *have* a print catalog, and hers is fabulous. I just received my second order from her and can't wait to dive into the Bleu Moon French Roast tomorrow morning. Even Jocelyn perked up and enjoyed smelling one of the samples Kath generously adds to each order. As I browsed through her catalog I discovered that she also offers loose leaf tea. *happy sigh* I can't wait to order more from Kath.

Thank you Kath for such delicious coffee!!! You have a *very* satisfied customer here!!!

July 03, 2010

*sigh* Computers, arg.

Ok, so we're STILL dealing with computer schtuff. Long story short, HP can't fix our computer because it doesn't have the parts. What?! Really?? Seriously?? We bought the computer a year ago and you DON"T have the PARTS to fix it??? Is it really that much of a game just to get us to spend money with you? Oye. Sorry. ha. So anyhoo, because we were still under warranty they gave us a new computer, PTL. So we've been trying to reinstall all our necessary programs, set up the wi-fi, etc. Except we have run into problems with each program we've needed to install. *headbang* Its driving us batty. My poor hubby has been up late working his tail off on this computer each night and we're still having issues. arg. Makes us want to just throw our computers out the window and go live in a cave somewhere. HAHAHA. *sigh* Hopefully today I can install my photo editing software and by next week after the holiday get ahold of the software developer for my jewelry manager software and get that reinstalled. Until all that is installed I can't really list new pieces. We'll see how this goes....HA. Pray for us. *grin*