September 20, 2009

Indulgence, Apples & Oranges and Hessonite Garnet Delight

Three new pieces have been updated to my Etsy shop and Website:

Indulgence Necklace

Apples and Oranges Necklace

Hessonite Garnet Delight Earrings

Whew! Yep, I still have more to add also!! *grin* So let me get back to my studio...Enjoy!

September 12, 2009

Forest and Tropical Breeze Necklaces

I have been having soooo much fun diving back into my true love of gemstones and wire. Spending time searching online for the perfect gemstones, receiving them and drooling all over the place, LOL, and then my fav....just laying everything out and putting combinations together and creating the designs that have been in my head since I spied the gems. *happy sigh* Bliss. True bliss. There are times when inspiration is gone, but, this is NOT one of them. I have designs out the wazoo in my head just waiting for the time to sit down and create to my heart's content.

Anyhoo....LOL, yes, I'm in a blabbing mood this morning (afternoon?? LOL), though I'm sure you'd much prefer I just get to the pretties, eh? Ok, here ya go:

Forest Necklace

Green Hydrothermal Quartz and 14K Gold Fill

Tropical Breeze Necklace

Amethyst, Mystic Blue Quartz and Peridot

Both necklaces are available! Enjoy your weekend!! I hope you have weather as lovely as we're having!

September 08, 2009

Muted Spring, Barest Hint, Simplicity and Plum Clusters

Nope, I'm not done with new pieces for Fall quite yet. Ok, some of the following pieces have spring-like colors, but, thankfully, they can be worn year-round. Sometimes my creative streak just cannot be constrained by "fall" or "spring"....I just have to let my fingers create what they will.

Muted Spring Earrings

Barest Hint Necklace

Simplicity Necklace

Plum Cluster Earrings

I still have more new pieces to take pictures of and post! I also have so many potential pieces laid out in my studio just waiting for me to wire em up. Can't WAIT!! I'm having so much fun creating these new pieces lately! Though I promise...I'm tryyyying to get more earrings for all you earring-lovers. *grin* Oh, and more solid gold pieces will be coming soon. I'm working as fast as I can lately in between homeschooling, etc.

All pieces have been listed on both my sites and are available for sale. The gemstone pieces are one of a kind.

September 02, 2009

Golden Treasure and Lightly Falling Necklaces

Two new necklaces are available and I truly enjoyed creating these pieces. Obviously, I'm having a blast wire wrapping various briolettes and creating mixed pendants with them. And with my never-ending stash of gemstones, I'll be making these for quite a while. *cheesy grin*

Golden Treasure Necklace

Grade AAA Champagne Citrine, Iolite, Textured 14K Gold Fill

Lightly Falling Necklace

Moss Aquamarine, Amethyst, Grade AAA Champagne Citrine

September 01, 2009

Aurora Necklace

I'd have more new pieces to show today, but, of course my camera battery died juuuuust as I was sitting down to a nice long photo shoot. hahaha I only had enough juice in my battery to shoot enough pictures for one piece, so ya'll are just going to have to wait for more in the next few days. *grin*

Aurora Necklace

Moss Aquamarine and 14k Gold Fill. I looove these Moss Aquamarine briolettes! I have a fabulous strand of graduated brios and each one is a different size and slightly different shape. Tons of opportunities for different pendants, just not enough matched brios for earrings. Hopefully I'll find another strand of closely matched brios soon as I looooove this color, especially paired with gold.

This piece has already been listed on both my Etsy shop and Website for sale.