September 01, 2009

Aurora Necklace

I'd have more new pieces to show today, but, of course my camera battery died juuuuust as I was sitting down to a nice long photo shoot. hahaha I only had enough juice in my battery to shoot enough pictures for one piece, so ya'll are just going to have to wait for more in the next few days. *grin*

Aurora Necklace

Moss Aquamarine and 14k Gold Fill. I looove these Moss Aquamarine briolettes! I have a fabulous strand of graduated brios and each one is a different size and slightly different shape. Tons of opportunities for different pendants, just not enough matched brios for earrings. Hopefully I'll find another strand of closely matched brios soon as I looooove this color, especially paired with gold.

This piece has already been listed on both my Etsy shop and Website for sale.

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