September 12, 2009

Forest and Tropical Breeze Necklaces

I have been having soooo much fun diving back into my true love of gemstones and wire. Spending time searching online for the perfect gemstones, receiving them and drooling all over the place, LOL, and then my fav....just laying everything out and putting combinations together and creating the designs that have been in my head since I spied the gems. *happy sigh* Bliss. True bliss. There are times when inspiration is gone, but, this is NOT one of them. I have designs out the wazoo in my head just waiting for the time to sit down and create to my heart's content.

Anyhoo....LOL, yes, I'm in a blabbing mood this morning (afternoon?? LOL), though I'm sure you'd much prefer I just get to the pretties, eh? Ok, here ya go:

Forest Necklace

Green Hydrothermal Quartz and 14K Gold Fill

Tropical Breeze Necklace

Amethyst, Mystic Blue Quartz and Peridot

Both necklaces are available! Enjoy your weekend!! I hope you have weather as lovely as we're having!

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