June 25, 2008

Clearance Sale and Changes Again!

I have been on a tear updating my website and making things easier to navigate. While I have been doing this, I have also been updating my Clearance section. All sold and no longer available pieces have been cleared out, and a ton of pieces have been added. You will definitely want to take advantage of my "housecleaning" per se and grab up all those pieces you have been admiring for so long but hesitant to take the plunge on!! I know these pieces won't last very long at this price! I am also listing them (and a few other pieces not on my website) at my Etsy Jewelry shop.

Have fun shopping! And check back frequently, because you never know what I'm going to decide to put into clearance!!!

June 24, 2008

Flat Queen's Link Bracelet

Oh, yea, LOLOL, and I added a new bracelet today, the Flat Queen's Link Bracelet. This is actually an updated version of one I made two years ago and sold. I LOVE this bracelet and will be keeping one just for moi!!!

Available on my website of course for sale!

Entire Ring Collection is on Clearance!!!!

Okeydokie everyone....my entire Ring Collection is on Clearance!!! Only one of each ring is available, with the size listed, and all are 50% off!!!! I will no longer be making these wire wrapped rings, as my metalsmithing skills are sloooowly improving, and I plan on updating the entire Ring Collection at some point in the future with new pieces! Woohoo!!!

Yeaaaa...ok, it might be a long wait, LOLOL, but, I'll get there. *grin*

June 14, 2008

Layers Necklace and Earrings

Yes, yes, I can hear you now...this must be a miracle...I'm posting three days in a row!!! *cheesy grin* I'd have more pieces to show you, but my camera battery died on me! arg. So, I only have the following two pieces, called Layers.

Layers Necklace

Layers Earrings

I haven't even posted the earrings on my website yet because I couldn't finish taking the pictures to show how the earrings hang, so you get a sneak peak here. *grin*

This necklace has swiftly become my most current favorite piece. LOL I've actually been wearing this necklace practically every day since I made it because it goes perfectly with my laid back favorite wardrobe of jeans and polos. *grin*

June 13, 2008

Dark Galaxies Chainmail and Lampwork Necklace

Nothing states elegance more clearly to me than the painstaking beauty of chainmail. The joy I receive from sitting down and going through the entire process of creating a chainmail piece is almost unparalleled. Ok, chocolate might bring a wee bit more enjoyment *grin* and certainly my family smashes to the top of that list every time. But when it comes down to tasks that I truly delight in accomplishing, it is the coiling of the wire, the slicing of the blade through silver, the hum of the tumbler polishing the newly cut rings, the completeness my hands feel as they come in contact with the pliers, the joy in placing rings in a mathmatical pattern and weaving for hours. *happy sigh* I'm in heaven. Chocolate, of course, is in a sphere all by itself, but, thankfully weaving maille does not add calories, so there are times when maille must take precedence over the delights of savoring chocolate. *cheesy grin*

Anyhoo....LOL....I bring you my newest piece in my Decadence Collection, the Dark Galaxies Necklace. The focal bead is a rectangular square boro bead by an exceedingly talented lampwork artist. A deep, dark chocolate background (HA! I can't stay away from the stuff! *grin*) is a perfect setting for exploding starburts of colors including all colors of the rainbow which is remeniscent of the glorious galaxies which our heavenly Father created. While the pictures make the bead look huge, the bead itself is very delicate...smaller than the tip of my littlest finger.

Dark Galaxies Necklace

I have two other rectangular/cube boro beads that will be showcased on the Jen's Pind chainmail necklace in this same style of the Dark Galaxies and the Waterlilies pieces. I merely need to take the pictures. I will post them soon.

June 12, 2008

New Double Twist Necklace Colors

I finally finished 5 more color combinations for my newest and hottest design, the Double Twist Necklace. I've already shown ya'll the Blue Topaz version, and here are the other versions:

Citrine Double Twist Necklace

Peridot Double Twist Necklace

Amethyst Double Twist Necklace

Smoky Quartz Double Twist Necklace

Pink Topaz Double Twist Necklace

I wish I could pick a favorite, but, truly, I can't! LOL I'll have to ask my hubby when he gets home which one he likes the best. *grin* All of these are of course available on my website. Which one is YOUR favorite??? I'd love to know!!

Coming soon....new versions of the "Waterlilies" Chainmail Necklace! I can't WAIT to show ya'll these!!! *grin* I just need to get the pictures taken.