June 12, 2008

New Double Twist Necklace Colors

I finally finished 5 more color combinations for my newest and hottest design, the Double Twist Necklace. I've already shown ya'll the Blue Topaz version, and here are the other versions:

Citrine Double Twist Necklace

Peridot Double Twist Necklace

Amethyst Double Twist Necklace

Smoky Quartz Double Twist Necklace

Pink Topaz Double Twist Necklace

I wish I could pick a favorite, but, truly, I can't! LOL I'll have to ask my hubby when he gets home which one he likes the best. *grin* All of these are of course available on my website. Which one is YOUR favorite??? I'd love to know!!

Coming soon....new versions of the "Waterlilies" Chainmail Necklace! I can't WAIT to show ya'll these!!! *grin* I just need to get the pictures taken.


Gemheaven said...

Gorgeous I think my fav is the ...

Topaz or is it the amethyst, no maybe the peridot (My birthstone) but then again......

Nope can't decide I'd need one in every colour ;)

Jennifer said...

ROFL!!! That's how I feel too! *grin* Thank goodness I can make a set for myself! *grin*