August 19, 2010

Pretty Major News

Ok, pretty major to *me* that is. *grin* I have been selling jewelry since January 2006 and loving every minute of it. During that time Jewelry By Jennifer Casady has gone through some pretty drastic changes. Well, another change is underfoot and I am vastly relieved. This decision has been pondered, analyzed and discussed to death and I'm excited to say that I've *finally* come to the conclusion to sell exclusively through my Etsy Shop.

Why? Mainly because since the birth of our third daughter time has been in VERY short supply. Updating my website actually takes quite a bit of time and I am trying to eliminate time-suckers. hahaha Also, when I took so much time off last year after Christmas and until after #3 was born, honestly, my website traffic dwindled into NOTHING. So why take all that extra time to try to build it back up? Google's changes over the last year has been driving me batty and I just don't feel like wasting my energy on changing things constantly. Etsy has been happily busy for me and I've been enjoying spending more time with my family.

Will I ever reopen my website to selling? Oh definitely. But probably not for a couple of years until #3 is a bit more independent. Honestly, I totally forgot how much time babies require and it has been an adjustment to me going from being able to spend hours and hours a day to playing with jewelry to having almost no time. Ack! LOL Not an easy adjustment for me. Most of my time is now broken up during the day into little tiny tidbits and as you can see by my designs over the last year, they are much simpler than my signature designs. I can't wait for the day when I am able to spend more time creating chainmail and broadening my metalsmithing skills, etc. Some day. *grin* This is only a season and each season of life has its own delights. Mainly chubby cheeks and baby giggles right now. LOL And I am enjoying each precious second of my girlie-girls.

Soooo....come by my Etsy shop and browse. *grin* I am still adding new pieces and creating fairly regularly and post everything new on my Facebook page.