April 29, 2009

Very Cool! Front Page of Etsy Again!

Woohoo!!! Just found out (thank you Cathleen!!! XOXOXO) that I made it to the front page of Etsy again today with my Mother Daughter Sister Friend Necklace. Yippee!! Here's a screenshot:

Also, I was able to start posting a few of my 14K Gold Fill Small Name Pendant Necklaces today. I was able to get them up on my Etsy shop, but, have not posted them to my website yet. The last several days have been a zoo...requests out the wazoo, orders, tons of new pieces.....my head is absolutely swirling with information and things to do!! My eyeballs are in a permanent "popping out of my head" state right now. *cheesy grin* Anyhoo, enough about me...how about the jewelry! hee, hee!!!

14K Gold Fill Single Name Pendant Necklace

14K Gold Fill Triple Name Pendant Necklace

Here is a view of both of my fonts on the pendants (ugh, HORRID picture!!! sorry!):

Of course there is a double version, but, I did not want to bore ya'll! LOL The above pendants are of course available in either my Elegant Small font or my Casual Small font. I truly prefer the small fonts for these smaller 1/2 inch pendants. I'll play around with both my small and large fonts for the 5/8 inch versions in a few days and see what can fit for both sizes.

Some of you might be wondering how I pick my names for all these pendants, LOL. Well, you'll have to thank all my friends for that inspiration!!! *cheesy grin* I tend to borrow the children's names more frequently than the adults names. Mainly because I love to pray over all their cutie patooties while I"m stamping.

Ok, more tomorrowish, LOL....I must remember to add the potatoes and carrots to the pot roast in a bit!! ack! LOL

April 28, 2009

Due to Popular Demand....

.....I have started listing temporary listings for my solid 14 Karat Gold hand stamped pieces in my Etsy shop. Once things slow down a bit from this crazy rush of Mother's Day and Graduation orders I can shoot proper pictures and replace the pictures that are listed. I have the supplies, just have NOT had a chance (goodNESS ya'll have me swamped!!!) to get any of the solid gold pieces properly photographed and listed.

14 Karat Gold rings are not orderable at this time but will be coming eventually. *grin* I haven't even had a chance to make my own set yet! LOL

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish pricing out more of the solid 14 Karat Gold items for you and get additional temporary listings up for all ya'll who have been clammoring for information! *cheesy grin* Thank you so much for your patience ya'll!!!

By the way...I *will* be needing a break hereabouts for a week or so soon to catch up on...well...uh, everything non-jewelry related. *cheesy grin* I'm thinking mid-week next week is a targeted start date for my break. I'll keep ya'll posted!!!

April 24, 2009

Rose Quartz Starburst Necklace

Just a quickie post today....customers are starting to gear up for Mother's Day and whew! Ya'll have me BUUUUSYY! LOL

Here is a custom piece a customer requested today:

Dark Amethyst, Amethyst, Light Amethyst, Spinel, Pink Topaz, Pink Sapphire and Rose Quartz rondelles are all wire wrapped on handmade fine silver headpins to one of my handwoven Shaggy Loops Necklaces.

And another one of my favorite Starburst necklaces:

I LOVE this piece!!! These will be made in very limited editions as I only have a small amount of these large Rose Quartz brios. I might have to keep this one for myself though...hmm...am thinking about it! *grin*

Have a fabulous weekend ya'll!!!

April 23, 2009

14K Gold Fill Custom Chainmail Flower Initial Pendant Necklaces are ready!!

Wow, 3 posts in one day? LOL!! Must be a record for me! *cheesy grin* But, I know ya'll want to know that my 14K Gold Fill Chainmail Flower Necklaces are ready! I've had so many requests for these in gold and mixed metals that I'm thrilled to finally be able to offer them.


14K Gold Fill Teeny Tinies Initial Pendant Necklaces are ready!

Woohoo! My new 14K Gold Fill Teeny Tiny Initial Pendant Necklaces are ready and up for sale on Etsy! (Yep, I promise, I'll update my website with them in a few minutes! LOL!)

Here are some pictures for you to see:

Just a Hint Necklace and more.....

The other day a customer requested I create a Labradorite version of my Blue Lagoon Necklace, and I happily obliged her. I have been wanting to make more versions of of that necklace and this was the perfect time.

Here is the custom request piece:

And here is one of the other pieces, Just a Hint Necklace, that is for sale:

I have one more with a Mystic Pink Topaz, but that is nooot quite ready yet. Soon! OH! And another new piece, while inspired by Mother's Day which is just around the corner, is perfect for all the special Moms in your life year round:
I will be posting again later with more news!! *grin*

April 20, 2009

Woops, has it been that long???

*blush* Has it REALLY been that long since I've update?!?! Ugh!!!! Please forgive me folks!!! I'm not the best at updating my blog. *sheepish grin*

There are sooo many new and exciting things to tell you that I don't think I can remember them all!! LOL

I now have four full sets of Custom made steel stamps for hand stamping. Elegant Large, Elegant Small, Casual Large and now Casual Small. I just received the Casual Small the other day and am going to update all my listings on Etsy and my website soon. Feel free to place orders requesting the Casual Small font. It is the same size as my Elegant Small font. Perfect for the Guitar picks and for adding more text to my larger pieces.

One of my most exciting pieces of news is the fact that I just received my first shipment of solid 14 Karat Gold. Yippee!!!! Yep, SOLID gold folks! Not gold fill! I can't wait to start offering pieces in the solid gold! As an economical version, I will be offering 14K Gold Fill stamped pieces soon! I'm awaiting my shipment of supplies to produce those, and as soon as I have em, I'll be listing and posting away!! So many of you have asked for gold versions of my pieces and I am so excited to be able to offer both solid gold and an economical version for everyone. I *hope* to be able to start playing with the solid gold soon...the first pieces I'll be creating will be my stacking rings. I'll post pictures here when I have them completed!

Ok, I KNOW I had more news, but, time is short and my brain does NOT want to cooperate!!! LOL Feel free to email me and ask away if you have any questions!

And, woohoo! I made Etsy's front page today with my Custom Sterling Silver Hand Stamped Guitar Pick! Thanks Admin!!!!!!