April 28, 2009

Due to Popular Demand....

.....I have started listing temporary listings for my solid 14 Karat Gold hand stamped pieces in my Etsy shop. Once things slow down a bit from this crazy rush of Mother's Day and Graduation orders I can shoot proper pictures and replace the pictures that are listed. I have the supplies, just have NOT had a chance (goodNESS ya'll have me swamped!!!) to get any of the solid gold pieces properly photographed and listed.

14 Karat Gold rings are not orderable at this time but will be coming eventually. *grin* I haven't even had a chance to make my own set yet! LOL

Hopefully tomorrow I can finish pricing out more of the solid 14 Karat Gold items for you and get additional temporary listings up for all ya'll who have been clammoring for information! *cheesy grin* Thank you so much for your patience ya'll!!!

By the way...I *will* be needing a break hereabouts for a week or so soon to catch up on...well...uh, everything non-jewelry related. *cheesy grin* I'm thinking mid-week next week is a targeted start date for my break. I'll keep ya'll posted!!!

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