September 06, 2010

Gems Shop is Now Reopened!

Yippee!!! My Etsy Gems shop is now reopen! I am so excited about this and have been hard at work in most of my spare time photographing, counting, editing, pricing, etc. I have oodles and oodles of gemstone overstock that desperately need new homes. As much as I love to hoard and collect gemstones, there are a lot of beads that are just sitting there neglected and sad because they are not being used. Why should I hoard them all?! Can't I share?!!! So, I want YOU to go look at my overstock and please, help the pretties to find new homes!!

One thing that is utterly hilarious about this process is that I have noticed my photography skills have come a LONG way! Oh my. I won't even bother to post some comparison pictures, but, if you want a laugh, head over to the first page of my Gems sold items here and crack yourself up at how horrid my pictures used to be! HA You don't even WANT to see the old jewelry pics!!! *grin* Ok, but first, here are some teaser pictures of what you will find for sale:

~ Rhodonite Cylinders ~

~ Green Aventurine Nuggets ~

~ Denim Lapis Lazuli ~

~ Charoite Ovals ~

I can't even begin to tell you how much more I have to list...its going to take forever, but, as I said, I am trying to do as much work as I can in my miniscule spare time. Boy I totally forgot how much time babies take!! *grin* Speaking of which....I'd better go give her some cuddles.