August 13, 2008

New Bangles, Twisted Rings & Stamped Jewelry

I've been having so much fun the last few days working on more new pieces. I'm trying to get things posted at my Etsy shop and on my website as soon as I can, but I know I'm behind on the updating. LOL They'll get listed soon! *grin*

Twisted bangles:

Twisted stacking rings:

Several new styles of stamped jewelry:
I am so excited about the stamped jewelry!!! I had an uppercase, lowercase and numbers set made from this font, and I have been having a blast creating new pieces. Tomorrow I have a big silver order arriving with quite a few different shapes and sizes and I already have a list of pieces I want to create! *grin* Woohoo!!! Feel free to email me with custom requests. *Jen dashes off to go play with more jewelry....*

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