September 22, 2007

Stepping Stones Collection

I recently worked on a series of pieces entitled "Stepping Stones." The pendants consist of short lengths of a chainmail weave called "staggered corduroy." Three large handmade sterling silver rings intersected by smaller silver rings stepping upon each other with various selections of gemstones woven into the larger rings.

This first piece feature Grade AAA Garnet rondelles:

This pendant contains Iolite and Freshwater Pearls:

And this third piece pairs Smoky Quartz and Pink Topaz:

I also created two additional color combinations that are on my website, Shaded Hessonite Garnets and Freshwater Pearls. Several of the pendants have delicate earrings to match, an example is seen here:

Additional color combinations are available of course. Feel free to email me for custom work.

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