November 19, 2007

New Digital SLR Camera

The most frustrating issue of almost every jewelry designer who sells on the internet would be taking quality pictures of our creations. We can spend delightful hours filled with designing and creating the perfect piece of jewelry, but, then it comes time to take a picture of that piece, and the stress and frustration begins. Many of us jewelry designers are not professional photographers, so not only do we continue to improve our skills as artisans, we also have to improve our skills at photography. Who knew? LOL My first pictures two years ago were horrid. Only through two years of unwavering determination, and a handful of amazingly patient and giving friends and aquantences have I been able to achieve (what I think) are decent pictures of some of my pieces. But, due to limitations in my Canon Powershot model, I could not take completely clear and in focus pictures of my large chainmail pieces. As I discovered what my camera could do, I realized that there were a few things I would not be able to do and that I would ultimately need a DSLR camera. I never realized that the opportunity to buy my DSLR would come so quickly! I thought I had another year before that would happen! *grin* But, praise the Lord, the opportunity arose to buy one and I grabbed it!! After much research I decided on the Pentax K10D. Woohooo!!! I received the camera on Friday and have had very little time to play with it. But the few pictures I have been able to take...oooo...I'm already in loove with this camera. I know it can be a very frustrating process of learning how to properly use this camera, but, I am up for the challenge!! After the holiday rush is over I look forward to continuing to explore the vast abilities of this Pentax and I can't wait to capture better pictures of my pieces!

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Gemheaven said...

woohoo I can't wait to see your new pics either lol