December 03, 2007

New for the Store - Rings!!

I am very excited to introduce my newest pieces to you: A new Ring Collection! My first six rings are finished and are available to purchase on my website. Each ring is custom made to order, so they are truly unique pieces of art. Here they are:

Fancy Jasper Dark Green Ring (the Fancy Jasper comes in a wide array of colors, so I will be listing them separately)

Denim Lapis Lazuli Ring

Carnelian Ring

Botswana Agate Ring

Pink Lampwork Ring

Jasper Chita Ring (this stone has several variations, from a dark hunter green to light sage green, and sometimes spotted with the two colors)

Stay tuned for more rings soon. I am planning on offering many different colors and styles from Ryolite, Onyx, Kyanite (light and dark), Muscovite, Silver Leaf Jasper, the list goes on!!

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CastoCreations said...

You go girl!

Gemheaven said...

ohhh gorgeous Jen!!!

Laurel said...

OH I love your new rings!!!!!

Way to go!