December 04, 2007

Three More Rings For You This Morning

Wow, based on the comments, emails and traffic, ya'll love my rings!!! Thank you so much for your comments, etc.!!! Keep em coming! *cheesy grin* Because you love my rings so much I was able to make three more this morning. Here they are:

Charoite Oval Ring

Leopardskin Jasper Ring (this stone has a ton of variations)

Smoky Quartz Barrel Ring (not for the timid!!! *grin* A big, bold, beautiful ring!)

Yesterday I was also able to add two more collections to my website, the Solely Silver Collection and my Little Luxuries Collection. Based upon traffic to these pages, you are ready and waiting for me to continue adding pieces to these collections! *grin* Be patient just a little while longer please. In the next couple of days I should be able to add more pieces as time permits.

Right now its off to get ready to head to the store with my cutie patooties! We're in desperate need of kitty litter and cat food! LOLOL Keep those comments and emails coming everyone!!! Thank you so much for the feedback!

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