February 23, 2008

The Flu Attacks....again!!!

Ugh. Has anyone else gotten this horrid flu? I'm sure many of you have...you know...the fever, coughing, congestion, achy, blowing your nose a gazillion times and feeling like you're going to die for days on end?? Well, this is now officially the second time I caught the flu. When we returned from our trip to Orlando earlier this month, I brought the dreaded flu home with me, and promptly ended up by heading to the emergency room because I had a very difficult time breathing. Within days both of our girls started with extremely high fevers and not only was I battling my own flu, then I was concentrating on their poor sick selves! I still don't really remember much about those two weeks as much of the time was a hazy blur. Just this past week I realized that I started feeling better, PTL, and then, wham, Thursday I started in with the flu again. *headbang* I am NOT thrilled, but, what can I do?

Weeeeellllll.....*cheesy grin* The Lord has certainly given me a flurry of ideas for new pieces and I have slowly been whipping them out the last few days. Sure, the house is a wreck, dust bunnies galore, mountains of laundry abounding, dishes stacked and teetering to the sky, but, at least I've been able to accomplish SOMETHING instead of just sitting here moaning, whining and complaining about how sick I am. *cheesy grin* And thankfully the Lord has blessed me with a hubby who knows better than to complain about dust bunnies, wrinkly clothes and no dishes to eat off of. *cheesy grin* hmmm.....maybe I'll have the energy to take pictures of all these new pieces in the next few days. I'm sure I won't have the energy to dust though! *cheesy grin*


Crafted Gems said...

i hope your all better soon ((((((((((((hugs)))))))))))))

Jennifer said...

Thank you Caroline!!!! Its sloooow going on getting healthy! I will NEVER take my good health for granted again!!! This is absolutely miserable!