February 28, 2008

Violet Romance, Fusion Mini-Delight, and more!

oooooo....the sweet blush of love in these gorgeous earrings, Violet Romance. Amethyst, Lavender Amethyst, Moonstone and Charoite.

I'm in love with the green and blue color combinations of my Fusion pieces, so, lo and behold, the Fusion Mini-Delight Necklace (with Green Onyx, Apatite, Swiss Blue Topaz, Peridot and Prehnite):

Simple Knot Necklace & Bracelet. Oh I just looooove this necklace. The three Pheasable knots are just striking sitting at the base of one's neck...perfect for peeping out from a collared shirt.

Oh, yes, and did I mention that ALL of my new pieces are ON SALE! Woohooo!!!! 15% off my Spring/Summer 2008 collection until 3/12/08. And don't forget to keep checking back, as I have almost a dozen additional pieces STILL to add to my website!!!


Crafted Gems said...

i'm so in love with that second necklace

Jennifer said...

Thank you Caroline! Yep, I can tell its going to become one of my favs to wear daily! *grin*

Gemheaven said...

Beautiful elegant jewellery as always!

Those earrings are fab!!

Claudia said...

You have made a beautiful work!!!
I specially love the first two... they are really awesome.

Jennifer said...

Thank you so much Jo & Claudia! I appreciate the comments!!

Karen said...

WOW! You do incredible work and these are terrific designs. And I see you've been 'blessed' with the flu, too. :( Hopefully you don't get hit again.
It will be so fun to watch your blog and your designs. :)

Jennifer said...

Thank you Karen!!! Ahhh, yes, that flu. *sigh* I tried to be content in all circumstances with the flu, but, *groaaan* it was such a hard struggle. LOL I was not a very patient...well, patient *grin* as the flu dragggggged on.