March 07, 2008

Flat Queen's Link Chainmail Set

I have several favorite chainmaille weaves, but, Flat Queen's Link has to be among the top few all time fav weaves. This weave is also known as Flat Box, which is just as the name suggests -- a flattened version of the Box or Queen's Link maille weave. The weave is absolutely gorgeous in its simplicity, and it is a true joy to wear. Below is a pendant necklace, and a pair of matching earrings. I have woven matching bracelet, but need to finish constructing the clasp. hmm...that seems to be a theme with me lately. I have several pieces in which I need to add a clasp. *grin* Anyhoo...without further babbling from moi.....

Flat Queen's Link Chainmail Pendant Necklace

Flat Queen's Link Chainmail Earrings

Both pieces are available for sale on my website.

1 comment:

Karen said...

You've been awful quiet for a few days.... you must be a busy gal. I have to check in tho ever day to see what's new. Your designs are beautiful.