April 01, 2008

Gold Fill Kits for my new Tutorial are now available!!!

Wow, what an awesome week it has been!!! I've been selling a ton of my Pearl Teardrops Tutorial and Kits and I love what a big hit it is! Thank you so much folks for your comments and feedback on how easy the tutorial is!!

I am thrilled to announce that I now offer Gold Fill kits for my tutorial! WOOHOOO!!! You'll receive everything that the Sterling Silver kits contain, just in Gold Fill. Here are pictures of what the kits look like:

Full Kit

Jump Ring Only Kit

These kits are available for sale in my Gems Etsy Shop.


Karen said...

Jennifer - I miss seeing new posts of your awesome work! You much be very busy, and that has to be GREAT! Just checking in on you. :)

CastoCreations said...

Wow. You know...as an artist I already know your jewelry is beautiful but the presentation for these kits is truly stunning. Any other jeweler is going to be spoiled and blessed to receive these. Great job!!!