September 23, 2008

Two New Wide Band Rings

I've been slammed with orders and custom requests lately and have not had much time whatsoever to create many new pieces...believe me, I'm not complaining! LOL, but, I do know there are several of you that have been asking when I'm going to get more new stuff up. *grin* And I have a ton of pieces rolling around in my head just waiting for me to sit down and CREATE!!

I just received some new toys...uh, I mean new tools, LOL, and I was able to take a little time to create a couple of wide band rings that I've been dying to get to!!

Birch Wide Ring

Fern Wide Ring

The Birch Ring many of you are already familiar with, as I offer the slimmer Birch Stacking Rings for sale, but, I really wanted to make a wider band of utilizing the same texture and I also had a request to create a wide Birch band for a gentleman's wedding ring. The Fern Ring has delicious fern-like fronds within the textured dimples. I loooove this effect and the fronds give the hammered texture a different look altogether. Both rings are available at my Etsy Shop and should be up on my website soon!

Lord willing within the next few weeks I can get some new pieces created and posted for ya'll! I have quite a few new gemstones I recieved recently that I'm sooooo ready to play with! *grin*

My back is feeling better, though still a little twingy from when I put it out on Sunday morning, thank you to those who have asked!! But I woke up this morning discovering that I'm getting a delightful sinus infection, so I'm quite froggy and am trying to get my orders completed as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience!! I appreciate it!

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