October 27, 2008

Sickie house is allllmost well.

To those of you who have asked, thank you so much for your concerns and prayers about my family! My youngest daughter started a high fever last wed. and we found out on Friday that it was strep. We got her on antibiotics as soon as we heard, but, its taken three days for things to mostly settle down to a dull roar here. We thought we had the high fever beat yesterday, but, then in the afternoon/evening she started spiking again, so I'm not sure when we're going to be completely confident we're in the clear....Lord willing within the next day or so. Thankfully hubby is conveniently on vacation this week, so its been wonderful having a bit of help, especially having someone to go get things from the store when needed, and to help with our eldest daughter.

I hope to have my Etsy shops open again within the next couple of days and cranking away on orders, etc., soon. Thanks again for all the prayers!!! They have been very appreciated!

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