August 18, 2009

Petite Rose, First Harvest, Deep Ocean, etc.

What do all of those have in common? ha. New pieces of course! Finally. *grin* I actually have a ton of new pieces sitting here, but, have been only slowly taking pictures, editing, etc. The biggest thing I discovered the other day sitting down at my little workspace here in the living room area with my girls, is that I have MISSED working with my gemstones, wire and chainmail!! Oh my goodness have I missed creating!

The first batch of these pieces are delicate pieces suitable for layering with other chains or perfect all by themselves. I have several extensive chainmail pieces planned, but, those will take me quite a while to actually bring into fruition because I have so many other pieces I would like to finish first. Speaking of are a few that have been listed on my Etsy shop and added to my website:

~ Petite Rose Necklace ~

~ Deep Ocean ~

~ First Harvest ~

~ Warmth ~

Enjoy! Hopefully I'll have several more to update soon.

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