August 15, 2009

Major news about my hand stamped Expressions Collection Jewelry

I have pretty important news about one of my jewelry collections, my hand stamped Expressions Collection. I wanted to let ya'll know that I am no longer able to sell my hand stamped items. While it might seem quite sudden to you, it is a contingency plan that has been waiting in the wings for quite a while based on my experience with my previous pregnancies. Unfortunately, due to my health with this pregnancy and for the safety of both myself and our baby, I can not continue with the stress from the high production volume that results from the popularity of my hand stamped pieces. One of my best friends and fellow jewelry designers, Rhonda Reagan of Prolifique Jewelry will now be creating my custom line of hand stamped pieces. The transition of the transfer of this portion of my business is just about completed. Her Etsy shop is: and she is very convo friendly and is looking forward to working with my fabulous customers. Please just send her a conversation of exactly what you need and she will take care of you!

If you would like to know more about Rhonda, Etsy just recently published a fabulous story about her and her business journey, and you can read about it here: Storque Article

What about the rest of my jewelry you ask? I will absolutely still be creating my non-hand-stamped pieces, just at a more sedate and non-stressful rate. The majority of my new pieces will be one of a kind pieces and I will be adding them to my website and Etsy shop one at a time when they are created.

Thank you so much for your patience during this time!! Ya'll are the BEST customers in the world and I hope and pray you will bless Rhonda with your patronage as mightily as ya'll have blessed me over the years!

Stay tuned for new pieces! I should start listing them very soon!!!

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