July 29, 2009

Where have I been? LOL

Hi ya'll! Yep, I've disappeared again, LOL. But it was for a very good reason. We are pregnant with our third child and I have been soooo sick with the first few months of the pregnancy. So sick I had to close down all of my shops and website so I could concentrate on staying healthy and taking care of my family. Thankfully the illness part of the pregnancy is almost over and I'm starting to feel like I can handle reopening my shops again. Soooo, that's what I've been doing this past week. My Etsy Gems shop has been reopened, my website has been restocked (uh, except for my cuff bracelets...my main supplier for those is out of my silver stock that I use for the cuffs. grrr...) and I should open my main Etsy Jewelry shop within the next few days. I have a LOT of editing to do there.

Anyhoo...in the meantime I've been able to take pictures of some recent pieces and get them listing on my website for ya'll. Here's a preview:

Whisper Necklace

Teal Smoke Necklace

Petite Dancing Flames Necklace


Gemheaven said...

Oh my goodness Jen I am sooooo happy for you and your family ~ congratulations hun ♥ *can you tell I am smiling all the way from Cornwall* ;)

Jennifer said...

I CAN tell Jo! Thank you sweetie!! XOXOXOXO