May 18, 2009

Monet's Garden Necklace - Solid 14 Karat Gold, Tourmaline and Chainmail

I indulged myself while on vacation/break and created this incredible, one of a kind piece. I love to weave chainmail and wire wrap gemstones, and this was such a pleasure to weave!!

Some of the best multi-colored tourmaline I have ever seen, each sitting on their own hand-coiled solid 14 karat gold wire headpin and then wire wrapped within the solid 14 karat gold Shaggy Loops chainmail section. Solid gold chain finishes off the OOAK necklace.

Monet's Garden Necklace

This piece is available on my website for sale, and will be listed in my Etsy shop when I reopen in a couple of days. Shipping is on me via USPS Priority mail and will be insured.

I have several additional pieces (nope, no more solid gold yet....soon though! *grin*) I created while on my break and will try to add them to my website soon. Let me know if you have any requests for solid gold pieces! I'd love to hear from ya'll!!


galadryl said...

Your necklace is absolutely stunning, I love it.

Jennifer said...

Thank you!!!! I particularly fond of this piece myself! *grin*

The Beading Gem said...

Love this unique way of using the shaggy loops technique. Colorful and fun! Pearl

Jennifer said...

Thank you Pearl! I've been making my Shaggy Loops necklaces for several years and my customers love these types of necklaces.