May 05, 2009

A Glimpse of Heaven - Solid 14 Karat Gold and Grade AAA Blue Topaz

I like to imagine that when God created the Heavens and the Earth, before sin entered the world, when Adam and Eve walked among the Garden of Eden and talked with God, that they would look up at the neverending expanse of sky and it would be this same brilliant, deep shade of blue. A shade of blue so dazzling in its intensity, yet warm and inviting, drawing you in and giving you peace.

A Glimpse of Heaven

My first non-stamped solid 14 karat gold piece! Woohooo!!!! And oh boy...its going to be the first of MANY! I have had so many fabulous comments and requests for variations of the Blue Lagoon necklace ever since I created it, I have decided to create an entire line based on variations of that first piece. I have quite a few pieces drawn and planned out in my head, and Lord willing once my break/vacation is over I can get crackin' on creating them!!! Some of them I will need to find gemstones for, but, that's the fun part! *cheesy grin*

Speaking of getting crackin', LOL, I'd better get a move on and start working!! Ya'll have me so busy before I start my break my head is spinning! LOLOL


Bonhomie Jewelry said...

That's beautiful, Jennifer!

Jennifer said...

Thank you Kirstie! I'm already planning out my next couple of solid gold pieces! Fun, fun! *grin*