May 01, 2009

Spring Cleaning!

*cheesy grin* Yep, its that time of the year again folks, when I realize that my website has gotten overwhelming and I start reorganizing and editing things! LOL If you see one of your favorite pieces you haven't gotten around to purchasing yet has disappeared, just send me an email to custom order it. My Flickr account has most of my recent pieces from the last couple of years and is one of my ways of keeping track of how my work has progressed over time. I have also updated my Clearance section, and once those pieces are gone...they're gone! LOL Quite a few of them are one of a kinds that I CAN"T reproduce, so if you have been eyeballing one for a while, grab it quick because once I send out my next newsletter, those babies will be gone quick! *grin*

I will be taking a break/vacation starting Wednesday, May 6 and will be closing down my Etsy shops for 2 weeks and I will not be processing orders from my website until I come back from my break. I will be back from my break/vacation Wednesday, May 20th...or thereabouts. *cheesy grin* I find that I need to take these breaks every once in a while or I just get too burned out. Its been months since I've had some "putzin'" time with my jewelry and my girls (the last couple of times I've had to close my shop it was because we were all sick! LOL Nooot exactly the break I was looking for. *grin*) and I really want to have some time where I can dive into some things that have been on my to do list for a looong time. Anyhooo...enough gabbing from me. Time to get back to updating my Clearance section!!! *grin*

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