March 31, 2012

Long, Lost Neglected Gems Shop

LOL! Morning ya'll! I can't believe it has been two months since I posted. Seriously I need to have flashing neon lights around my computer reminding me that I have a blog! many new pieces have been posted in the last two months. Many different Shimmer Layers Necklaces with gemstone in Oxidized Sterling Silver, tons of Duets Necklaces, oodles of gemstone earrings and my latest enjoyment has been diving back into gold. Right now I am mostly working in 14K Gold Fill, but, I will more than likely bring back my Solid Gold pieces at some point in the next couple of months. I am recreating many of my Silver PMC pendant shapes with the Gold Fill and sawing them out of 14k Gold Fill sheet metal. I haven't used my jewelry saw in so long I forgot about how soothing it is to just sit and create with it! LOL Quite a few basic shape pendants and earrings have already been posted...with many more to come and also tons of pieces that combine gemstone with the Gold Fill.

My Sale Section. I haven't been updating it as often as I'd like, but, people are enjoying what I put on sale. I will continue to leave it for a couple of months, but, at some point I will more than likely go back to newsletters and coupon codes. I'm undecided right now....what are your thoughts?

The REAL reason for this post. *cheesy grin* Thankfully my jewelry shop has been slower this month and it has given me time to gather together the hoards and hoards of gemstones that are just laying around waiting for new homes. Yes, I am FINALLY updating my Gems Shop. I feel like I have an endless supply of gemstones to list. Many of them I will be listing at or below my purchase price, most of which I purchased wholesale and/or for discounted prices. Why am I letting them go for such a low price? Because I just want them GONE!! They are gems I will never use again and they truly need new homes. I'm not looking for a profit...I just want them out of my studio. The other thing I am doing behind the scenes is a serious reorganization of my studio....decluttering, throwing away tons of paper, boxing up tools I haven't used in eons (uh, pretty much my entire soldering station....LOL) and just trying to clear a path in my jam-packed studio. With this reorganization comes the offloading of pounds and pounds of gems. I know I've been talking about it for years, but, it is finally happening....I'm going to be a listing machine over the next few months photographing, editing and getting those gems out there for ya'll to buy. So PLEASE. I BEG YOU.... LOLOL! Help me clean out my studio!!

Ok, the littlest cutie patootie is making the entire house know she is awake and ready to eat and play.....Have fun shopping ya'll!!!!

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