January 31, 2012

New SALE Section

Ok, so I'm going to try something new and see how well it goes. Typically, I send out newsletters each month with a coupon code with a nice discount for my newsletter subscribers and I also post the coupons on my Facebook page. Instead, I am going to try a SALE section in my shop and each week on Sunday or Monday (whichever day I have more time, LOL!) I will update the SALE section with new pieces that have been discounted up to 50%. Every week the SALE section will change, so just because you see a certain pair of earrings or a certain necklace in there now, does NOT mean it will be there the following week. I will also *NOT* be sending newsletters with coupon codes for several months so I can see how well this SALE section goes. I have had several favorable comments from my customers already who were excited about this new change.

So.....no newsletters, no coupon codes for several months. *grin* YES, I will take suggestions from customers as to what pieces they would like to see in the sale section. YES, there will be times when new items will be posted directly into the SALE section. Will I ever send out another newsletter? Of course! But I am not sure when that will be....could be quite a while, *grin*, so make sure you check out my shop every week to see what's new! YES, I will still post my new pieces to my Facebook page as soon as they are listed so ya'll see them first.

So....go check it out!!! ----> SALE SECTION

Let me know what ya'll think! I love hearing from my customers!!

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