January 13, 2012

Spring Flowers and Valentine Hearts

Brrrr....its COLD out there today! Yesterday was 60 degrees and we had a front move through yesterday and today is going to be miserable with wicked wind and harsh cold. Praise the Lord us girls will be nice and cozy warm inside working on normal-schmormal things like laundry and homeschooling. *grin* I love nice, boring days. I do have a few orders to process and get out today....and some new jewelry toys...uhn, I mean jewelry tools arrived yesterday so I will have fun daydreaming about what those are to be used for while I wait for the rest of what I ordered to arrive. Link

I have also added a few new pairs of earrings for ya'll to browse through. Teeny Tiny Flowers and Hearts and also larger versions of the same Flowers and Hearts. Some of my customers prefer the Teeny Tiny versions...I actually wore my pair of the Teeny Tiny Flowers yesterday and loved them....but some of my customers prefer just a slightly larger size. Here are two versions for ya'll to see (all of them are in my Etsy shop, of course):

Valentine Hearts Earrings with my Enchanted Garden texture

Teeny Tiny Spring Flowers Earrings also with my Enchanted Garden texture

Off to feed my hungry hoard of giggling girlie-girls. LOL

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