January 11, 2012

Heart, Music & Paisley

I'm sitting here typing this while the two big girlie-girls are diligently working away on their daily math work. The little squirt is happily pretending to make something or other with her kitchen set, swirling a spoon into a cup and dancing around the room. What a cutie. HA. Now she just handed me one of her favorite books and roared at me. *grin* Her favorite book is the "If you're happy and you know it" book and each page has different activities, clapping, wagging your tail, roaring, etc. Nothing cuter than her shouting "hooray!!" as she flips to the last page. *grin*

Three new pieces have been posted this week. As you can see I'm starting to make sure I have plenty of Amethyst pieces for February birthdays.

Duets Necklace No. 61 - Sheet Music Pendant, Amethyst & Pink Opal

Duets Necklace No. 62 - Mehndi Paisley Pendant, Smoky Quartz & Peach Quartz

My Heart Necklace No. 8 - Amethyst and an Enchanted Garden Captive Heart

I am processing a pile of orders today, working on a custom pendant order for a lovely customer who has been sooo patient waiting for me to finish these pendants, and ew.....tackling a little more of the massive task which is my taxes. *groooooan* I'd rather hang from my toenails from the roof. Ah well. As soon as I get it done it won't be hanging over my head any longer. HA

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