January 22, 2012

And they all fall down....

Yep. All three girlie girls are now sick. I suppose it is better they are all sick at the same time for 2 weeks than one at a time for 6 weeks of sickie time. Ah well. It'll be Spring soon enough...hopefully sooner rather than later. *grin* Though I do miss hubby once the season starts and he gets back into his insane schedule, I'd much rather have no sickies, open windows and play time OUTSIDE. hahaha

So I haven't had much time in the studio lately, but I was able to create the custom earrings for one of my brides and yippee! She loves them. While I was working on her earrings my fingers and pliers could NOT stop wrapping *grin* and I made several other pairs of earrings in a very simple, yet elegant style. So, here we go:

Tracey Earrings No. 1 ~ Champagne Citrine, Rhodolite Garnet and Sterling Silver

Tracey Earrings No. 2 ~ Peach Quartz, Aquamarine and Sterling Silver

Tracey Earrings No. 3 ~ Fuchsia Quartz, Chrome Diopside and Sterling Silver

Oops, I think I forgot to post several other pairs of earrings I posted this past week....I'll have to post those soon for ya'll.

Well, back to the land of sickies....Enjoy your Sunday, ya'll!

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