January 04, 2012


Why does blog writing always take a back seat?! LOL Hey ya'll! I canNOT believe that 2011 is over and we are in a new year. How crazy. Though seriously, 2011 was a rough year for our family, yet filled with uncountable blessings nonetheless. We are very excited to see what the Lord brings us in this new year.

Last year my jewelry went into a new direction with the introduction of PMC (precious metal clay) to my work. Oh my goodness I have been having a BLAST with PMC. Here are a few of my favorite pieces from this past year.

This year I will be concentrating on expanding several different lines and introducing a few more lines to my ever expanding jewelry offerings. *grin* My highly popular Duets and Solos Necklaces will continue to be available with more color and gemstone combinations with a large variety of handmade charm shapes and sizes. I love the larger charm shapes with just a single dainty gemstone or a splash of color with two or three gems. Though there are days when the teeny, tiny gems and small charms are just as sweet. I will also be adding in more wire wrapping in the form of clusters and wire wrapped gemstones incorporated into the chains. I have several PMC and gemstone bracelets just sitting here waiting for me to finish, so keep your eyes peeled for those arriving soon!

My Unique Petites Collection has proven to be extremely popular, with my Music In My Soul pieces taking top spots as the most purchased pieces of the collection. Since music is so special to our family (I will NOT get sappy, I will NOT get sappy..... *grin*) I have been creating more and more pieces with music as its central theme. I will be adding to this collection with more shapes (hearts and flowers) and can't wait to start adding those to my shop!

One of my main focuses this year will be on chains. I desperately miss my hours weaving my chainmail and I will be creating many one of a kind pieces pairing my love of gemstones and maille together. But I will also be marrying my love of chainmail with the fun of PMC, so stay tuned for those new pieces.

Ok, my free time has ended. hahahaha Thus the life of a homeschooling Momma of three crazy girlie-girls. More soon..... *grin*

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