January 06, 2012

Paperwork, Schmaperwork

Blech. I hate paperwork. For as organized as I am, I have this horrible penchant for just piling up paperwork and then when the piles get too high, shoving them into a box and hiding the box in my studio instead of doing the responsible thing of FILING the silly paper. HA. (What, you don't do that too????) You'd think that after all this time I'd learn to just take 20 seconds to walk over to the file cabinet and PUT the piece of paper into its proper folder, or oh my word, THROW something away (seriously, do we really NEED 40,000 catalogs???) instead of just ignoring it. Hm. I betcha it would be waaaay easier to walk around in my studio if I didn't have all that paperwork laying all over the floor. *big cheesy grin*

*sigh* But I have this weird habit of ignoring things that I don't want to deal with. Boy I'm good at ignoring things instead of just dealing with them and putting them behind me. HA.

So, I'm spending the day moaning and groaning (*grin*) through our household paperwork and then I'll spend a few hours on putzing with my business taxes. The sooner I get that done the sooner I can get back into my studio to play. I'm supposed to be working on a custom request from a customer, who thankfully is such a sweetheart and is being HIGHLY patient with me as I putz around with her request. It is something that I was planning on doing anyway but I haven't had the chance to actually finish the necessary calculations. So I'll get to that this weekend as a reward for doing all this silly paperwork.

*pause for some oooing and ahhhing time over my darling not-quite-2-yo-yet's adorable new hair style as styled by my 8 yo* Oh how I love my girlie-girls....so cute.

Have I mentioned that I hate paperwork????

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