June 12, 2010

A Fresh Take on my Minimalist Necklace Design

Last fall I added a bit of fun to my Minimalist Necklace design with the addition of a trio of rondelles to one side of the wrapped briolette and I had two different color combinations:

The Kelsey Necklace which features a Green Mystic Quartz briolette and brown Andalusite rondelles.

The Lauren Necklace which features a sunshine Champagne Citrine coin briolette and dark blue Kyanite rondelles.

Both of those necklaces have proven to be fairly popular with my customers so I have finally been able to sit down and create several additional color combos. I have had a BLAST creating these and hope you enjoy them also!

The Melissa Necklace: Smoky Quartz and Pink Topaz

The Cassandra Necklace: Hunter Green Hydrothermal Quartz and Karen Hill Tribe Silver

The Lily Necklace: OOAK Amethyst and Lemon Quartz

My favorite, which I'm actually wearing now as I type this..., the Elizabeth Necklace: Blue Topaz and Vesuvianite

The Darby Necklace: OOAK Champagne Citrine and Karen Hill Tribe Silver

My next variation of this style will, of course, be in 14K Gold Fill. Feel free to suggest some color combinations that you would love to see! *grin*

I am also currently working on several Solid 14 Karat Gold pieces which will be out of the tumbler in a bit and I am weaving a Flip Flop Chainmail Bracelet for a customer. Once that is out of the tumbler I will reshoot pictures and update my listings with updated pictures. I can't wait!

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