June 26, 2010

Two More Contrast Earring Pairs

Finally I was able to get a chance to finish these two pairs of earrings which have been waiting on my kitchen counter for me to steel wool off the excess oxidation for quite a while. (*pause to pop the pacifier back into #3's mouth* LOL) I looove these domed gemstone pieces and always have a few "in process" sitting 1/2 done somewhere in my studio (uh, strewn throughout the house I mean, haha).

Dark Blue Contrast Earrings ~ Kyanite and Textured Sterling Silver

Orange Contrast Earrings ~ Carnelian and Textured Sterling Silver

Of course, after I named the above pair I realized, Doah!! they match my Burn Necklace perfectly (shown below). I do still need to add the Orange Contrast Earrings to my website/etsy shop and will conceivably get to that either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Ok, #3 girly-girl is sitting there pulling her pacifier out of her mouth to smile at me while she's supposed to be sleeping in her swing. HA!! Can't help but laugh right back at that cute little mug!!!

I'm sitting here thinking of my hubby working. Yes, he works weekends every other weekend. He's a golf course superintendent and wow. What a stressful job. But, it is how God is providing for our family, so I just thank Him above that John is working. So anyhoo...its 90 degrees outside with full sunshine (though thankfully the sun is on its way down) and I just can't get the image of my hubby out there in his chemical suit spraying disease on the course in this heat. Ugh. What a man. Love him to pieces.

Hmm....a certain little munchkin with little tiny pink bows on her socks is not a happy camper. Off to hug and love on her....

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