June 30, 2010

Crazy Couple of Days

Boy am I glad to have my internet BACK!!!! In the middle of Monday we had some storms roll through the area and we must of had some lightening hit the house or our cable line or *something* because all of the sudden I saw a ball of what looked like lightening come out from under our desk from our power strip. No joke. Scared me sooo badly I actually screamed, which of course scared all three of our girly-girls which of course made them scream, and...well...you get the picture. Anyhoo, at the same time the ball of whatever-came-out-of-our-power-strip there was a fantastic boom from the thunder and a horrendous popping noise from my computer. That whatever-it-was fried our modem, router and CPU. *headbang* Of course we have a surge protector, etc., but, it totally got fried. I've never seen whatever-it-was in my life and I doubt I'll ever see it again. I hope not because we're not a happy Casady-camper-family without our main computer. HA. What a crazy few days it has been. Long story short, our main computer was, thank the Lord, still under warranty (for less than a month more! ha) and so Best Buy is sending it off to HP-land to get fixed. And, hopefully for free. *cheesy grin* So we're stuck on the laptop which we have had for ages and never finished fixing up to our liking. Soooo, hubby spent an amazing amount of time last night getting us up to speed on this thing so we can do our work, etc. Unfortunately we won't get our main computer back for about a month. *bawling* A month?! Insane. But free, I remind myself. Not sure if that makes a difference right now. I'm trying to figure out how to remember all my important bookmarks, etc. and I need to send a newsletter out but must copy and download a bunch of pictures from my website because of course I can't access the originals. HAHAHA. *sigh* What a zoo. I can't wait to get our puter back.

But, a plus today....we have a FABULOUS weather front from our friends in Canada swooping down over our area and its almost CHILLY!!!! We are loving this weather and have almost every single window open in our house to fully take advantage. *cheesy grin* It has been sooo hot for sooo long we forget what nice weather feels like. hee, hee.

So...maybe a newsletter with a good coupon code coming soon....or maybe not. Depends on whether I get distracted by the gorgeous weather or not. HA. Have no fear, a sale in July will be coming because I am taking advantage of Etsy's Christmas in July extravaganza to throw a site wide sale. Woohoo!

Ok, let's see what craziness the rest of the day holds....

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