June 14, 2010

Solid Gold Confection and Catherine Necklaces

Two of my popular pieces are now available in Solid 14 Karat Gold:

my Confection Necklace, which includes Prehnite, Labradorite and Blue Topaz

and my Catherine Necklace, which includes Vesuvianite, Rhodolite Garnet and London Blue Topaz.

Both necklaces are now available on my website and Etsy shop.

What am I working on next? I have a couple additional Solid 14 Karat gold necklaces that are just awaiting photos, etc., and then I also have three additional sterling necklaces in the tumbler polishing away as I type this. After those come out I want to sit down and create a bunch of earrings...I tend to get lost in creating necklaces and neglect making earrings. Depending upon how crazy tomorrow is, I hope to be able to get a few listed by tomorrow or Wed. at the latest.

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