June 15, 2010

Interwoven and Storm Cloud II

I am in love with Karen Hill Tribe pendants and charms!! They are so much fun to design with and add just a little extra to each piece.

Without a doubt my favorite of the KHT pendants would have to be the woven pendant that I use in my Interwoven Necklace below. I love, love, LOVE baskets and weaving and think that this pendant is just awesome. I have one set aside for my personal collection and I have not yet figured out what gemstones to wire wrap with it. I'm thinking blues and greens but I can't decide! *grin* Anyhoo....the piece below is the first of many Interwoven Necklaces that will be introduced over the next month or so.

My Storm Cloud II Necklace is a variation on a customer's request. A Labradorite briolette within one of my textured and domed circles. These smooth Labs are just incredible and are so striking cocooned within the dome. I will be creating more of these necklaces as each one sells.
What am I working on today? Hmm...I haven't decided....I might create more earrings like I've been promising, hahaha, but I really want to make another Interwoven Necklace. Hm. We'll just have to wait and see what today brings! *grin*

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